You may or may not have set some goals for 2023

And those goals may or may not be fitness related!

But I can tell you this…

Writing down, “I want to run 10K this year” or “I want to deadlift 100kg”, probably isn’t going to cut the mustard.

Which is why I’ve built a goal setting document and I’m offering it to you lovely people for free.

Now, goal setting can seem a little cheesy sometimes, can’t it…

But there’s no denying that there’s power in it, when done properly.

Your 2023 Goals’ isn’t the easiest thing in the world to complete…

It’ll take a bit of thought and a bit of effort from you (but doesn’t that go for all things worth doing?)

I guarantee that it will put you in a better position to take what you want from 2023 than you would have been in before receiving it.

If you want it, you can either send me a message with the word ‘GOALS’, or hit this link.

And if you do get it, but you need a little help completing it, please do not hesitate – ask me for some help!

You can find me on Instagram at @coachtomhales, or email me on!